We envisage radical redesign of the systems and processes within social care and are initiating a programme to influence that agenda

It is the providers of Social Care

and those who entrust us with their care and support, who will live tomorrow with the policies set today.

This programme is the start of a dialogue.

To drive reform for the benefit of everyone in the Social Care community.

So what’s next?

A number of leading Providers have come together through their connection at the Surrey Care Association to promote positive change in Social Care. They have set up a Community Interest Company, Reinventing Social Care Ltd, as a vehicle for leading a national conversation to research, redesign and share best practice in all aspects of Social Care.

We are unashamedly seeking to influence the agenda

and shape the thinking of those with the power to make positive change happen. To be successful, this campaign must reach out and engage with all Social Care Providers.

We must speak loudly, with one voice.

Get In Touch

Office mainline: 01306 868529
Email: fiona.aldridge@reinventingsocialcare.co.uk

Address: Fiona Aldridge, Programme Lead
C/o Reinventing Social Care Ltd
The Atrium, 4 Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1XA

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